MUSIC REVIEW: Stonethorne – “Dark Skies & Alibis” EP (2011)
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ARTIST: Stonethorne

ALBUM: “Dark Skies & Alibis”

YEAR: 2011

LABEL: Independent


Lead Vocals/Guitar: Brandon Brodzinski
Backing Vocals/Bass: Andrew Neyhart
Drums/Backing Vocals: John Rockwood



Hello TeamSlice, it is I-internet personality John Pariah here with my FIRST POST for SOTN. I know, I’ve been on like half the podcasts, but have YET to write. I am a former tech blogger-whose works has been seen across these inter webs. I’m not here to talk to you about the latest iWhatzit, or Droid Whozit. No ladies and sirs. We’re hear to talk some good face melting rock and/or roll. So let’s dive into the debut effort from Hammond, Indiana act, STONETHORNE!



Stonethorne is a rock band based in Hammond, IN. The band formed in late 2007. While writing songs and changing members over the almost 4 years, their hard work and dedication are finally coming to focus for these three musicians. With the edgy vocals, heavy riffs, and songwriting ability of Brandon Brodzinski, intense, virtuoso bass playing of Andrew Neyhart, and one-of-a-kind drumming style of John Rockwood, Stonethorne offers a unique list of songs, ranging from heavy metal to alternative rock. These three Chicago-land natives have many influences and come from completely different musical backgrounds. None the less, these three all have the same goal in mind: to write the best possible music they can, and to leave their mark on the ever changing music world.




STONETHORNE is a band that has been tearing up the Northwest Indiana local scene for a few years now. Formerly known as UNRESTRAINED, this hard rock trio has rebranded themselves, and have evolved into a very formidable hard rock group.  It brings a tear to my eye, seeing the band evolve-as I have had the opportunity to share the stage with these guys many times, during my time playing bass for From The Ashes, and singing for Pariah’s Voice. The band has opened up for bands like Taproot, and currently have a show lined up next month with 12 Stones (whose most recent claim to fame is performing the theme song for the now defunct Nexus stable in the WWE. Before that? Their singer was a guest vocalist on Evanescences’ debut single, “Bring Me To Life”.)


Stonethornesdebut EP, “Dark Skies and Alibis” was just released, and is available from the band directly for the low low cost of $5.  This three track effort shows an insane amount of progression-both musically and lyrically from their Unrestrained days. We’re going to dive into this album, song by song. Don ‘t expect this to happen regularly-but since this is my first post here, and the album is only 3 songs long-has made me decide to go ahead and get analytical with my reviews. So let’s make a show of it!


Before we get the music, we get the packaging. Now pretend you were cruising through your local Best Buy or FYE, and you came across their CD. You would be greeted by this cover right here:


cover for "Dark Skies & Alibis" EP

Simple and effective cover, with a nice big logo that grabs your attention. Flip it over, and you get a simple black background with a track list on it. Nothing super fancy-but it gets the job done. The cover image is great, and convey’s the message that you are in the eye of the storm. The storm of course being the awesomeness of the music you’re about to listen too. Speaking of the music, let’s dive into that, shall we?


The album starts off-with what I think is my favorite song by them. “The Truth Is”. The songs lyrics were written by the bands former vocalist, LaRay Williams, and they are powerful. The song (to me at least) talks about someone trying to find a reason in life. A reason to live, and continue to dredge through the world. It’s something I have personally dealt with before, and that speaks volumes to me.


Have you ever thought something was lost – something inside of you

And than for so long, you’ve been searching – not knowing what you’re looking for?

So you look in the mirror day to day – wondering just what it is

Finding contempt in your very eyes – through smoke and mirrors you can’t figure out

just what it is – that you hope will bring you happiness

but the truth is – no one ever does

but the truth is – in the eye of the beholder

than tell me why is it so hard to find happiness for us?


The song goes on to talk about people filling their lives with material things, before finding out whats truly important in life. Being a father-I’ve learned that what I own is not as important, as ensuring my son and daughter are taken care of. So this song resonates with me very deeply. This song has been used on at least one episode of the Slice of the Net podcast (and hopefully more) as our intro / outro music. It’s for sure the “single” so to speak, and a great way to kick the album off.


Next up, is a song called “One”. Now as much as I would love a cover of Metallica’s “One” here (and I know they do a pretty bad ass one at that…). It’s not that…but it’s a damn good song. A little more melodic than the first track. The song continues over from the first one, covering similar subject matter. Almost asking for peace and unity in the lyrics-which is something I can respect. The lyrics are catchy, and the music is very fluid and gets your foot tapping with ease.


The album ends with “After All” – which is a lot more peppy than “One”. The song is faster, and is definitely  song to get people moving at a show. It makes me want to get up and move around, and even features an AWESOME guitar solo towards the end. It finishes off a great 15 minutes of music, that this album provides.


All in all, “Dark Skies & Alibis” is a fantastic first effort from Stonethorne. My only complaint is that they spent so much time and effort on the packaging-for three songs. That’s not a bad thing, I just wish the album was longer. They have great songs. I don’t know how much of their Unrestrained stuff has been retooled-but they had some good material than, and I know they’ve grown since…so they should have even more great material.


PICK THIS CD UP. I’m not sure if they’ve gotten it published to iTunes yet, but if you still buy physical media-it’s a great disc to add to your collection.  Even if you don’t-spend the extra couple of bucks-because they need the money and recognition. These are a great group of kids with a great future ahead of them.


You can check them out at – or LIKE them on Facebook at!






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