Microsoft Band Keyboard and Update impressions
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The Microsoft Band hits the headlines today as it gets a decent update with several welcomed features, the largest change being the keyboard. In this quick video impression, we will look at the messaging functionality, which allows you to reply to text messages in a quick and more detailed manner, than the pre-defined messages that it had prior to this update. I personally think this feature works really well, and opens up new paths for developers to take advantage of going down the road.

Other features included in this update: The bike tile is one of the bigger additions, bikers can now take advantage of their rides and get actionable insights from the data recorded. Several noticeable UI changes include miscellaneous resizing and adjustments to make the app more appealing. Microsoft Health has been made available online, via web app. This is useful for those who want to have access to their workouts, sleep habits and daily activities from wearing the band.

This is a huge step forward to making the Microsoft Band platform stand out, because it holds an odd placement in the market right now due to it being a fitness band with smartwatch capabilities.

What are your thoughts on the smartwatch/fitness band craze? Is it just a fad? Or is this something that is here to stay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on the Microsoft Band you can check the different source links below:

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