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Podcast 13 now available on iTunes!

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by Gage Castillo 2 Comments

Hey everyone, iTunes finally updated our podcast feed so we now have episode 13 available for your enjoyment! Of course, there are a few hiccups with the audio quality, being live and having very little editing done you might notice my voice quality not coming through on certain parts of the episode. I am actively working on editing out sound interference from the other end of the call, so please expect an updated version of this episode as soon as I finish editing! Also, if you have missed this episode, and happen to be at the computer, you might want to watch the video version of the podcast on youtube!

Video after the break! (more…)

SliceoftheNet Podcast 6. iOS

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by Gage Castillo 1 Comment

TeamSlice sits down for the first time for an entire podcast about iOS. For me personally, I felt conflicted to podcast about iPhones, and to be more specific… Apple in general! Joined by, our favorite internet personality John Olesen and for the first time Nathan Baker. We take time to remember Steve Jobs and his lifetime achievements for Apple, followed by the iPhone 4s impressions, sales and activation issues. There is a lot of other good stuff in this podcast, running 1:29:57, so make sure to grab a snack and enjoy!

Technical Disclaimer: John Olesen was experiencing technical difficulties with his voice quality. His Macbook pro is currently in the shop for repairs, so he was forced to use the backup PC to make this call. I will warn you that his voice quality will fluctuate… so please bare with it! Thank you!

About the Participants:

Nathan Baker – Nathan Baker is a veteran iOS user, with a huge amount of experience in the platform. He currently writes for and can be found on twitter @thenathanbaker

John Olesen – John Olesen is no stranger to SotN podcasts, so I’ll keep his bio short… You can find him on his website Creative Commons or on twitter @johnolesen. He currently has a new photography company JKO Photography located in the Indiana area, which has really great pricing for family portraits.

SliceofthNet Mobile Launch!

Posted on: September 17th, 2011 by Gage Castillo No Comments

Finally you don’t have to visit the full desktop site!


From us at SliceoftheNet, we are proud to launch our Mobile website for your viewing enjoyment! At the moment we are still in the beta stages of the mobile site development, but for the most part your page load times should be much quicker compared to the desktop version. There are a bunch of other features that I would like to add to the mobile experience, which will be planned to be implemented in the near future. Also, there are some issues with the mobile version of the site we are aware of, so please bare with us as we weed out the bugs! You can visit the site by simply visiting from your device, or by typing


SliceoftheNet Podcast Episode 3. News in the Mobile world

Posted on: August 21st, 2011 by Gage Castillo No Comments

Hey all, next episode of the SotN Teamslice podcast is up! During this podcast, we discuss a few topics, including the death of HP’s WebOS and the majority of their consumer base, The Google buyout of Motorola, IOS beta 6, and a bit of news about the BlackBerry world. Also, stay tuned for tonights Gamescom podcast that will wrap up our double podcast weekend!

SotN Podcast Below!


Edit* I totally meant to say Episode 3 at the end…

SliceoftheNet launch podcast fail

Posted on: August 16th, 2011 by Gage Castillo No Comments

Hey everyone, I am super excited about the site launch, but I have some bad news regarding the launch podcast… After two whole hours of podcasting, my recording program failed and decided to not record our whole session! Oh how disappointing! Right now we are a bit upset about this, but we will move forward in the better interest of bringing the site to it’s launch state. We might reschedule another podcast session, but perhaps condense it down a bit from the original two hours of content we recorded. If you don’t see a podcast released this week, please don’t blame us… We are a bit angry for the loss of our efforts! Anyway, we do have plans to cover Gamecom and will be holding a live blog this Thursday to cover it. Please look forward to our podcast planned for Saturday, we will be covering the Gamescom events that have transpired over the week. And hopefully I won’t mess up on the podcast recording again.


P.S. I’m trying to hold myself back from bashing my head into my keyboard out of frustration!