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SliceoftheNet launch podcast fail

Posted on: August 16th, 2011 by Gage Castillo No Comments

Hey everyone, I am super excited about the site launch, but I have some bad news regarding the launch podcast… After two whole hours of podcasting, my recording program failed and decided to not record our whole session! Oh how disappointing! Right now we are a bit upset about this, but we will move forward in the better interest of bringing the site to it’s launch state. We might reschedule another podcast session, but perhaps condense it down a bit from the original two hours of content we recorded. If you don’t see a podcast released this week, please don’t blame us… We are a bit angry for the loss of our efforts! Anyway, we do have plans to cover Gamecom and will be holding a live blog this Thursday to cover it. Please look forward to our podcast planned for Saturday, we will be covering the Gamescom events that have transpired over the week. And hopefully I won’t mess up on the podcast recording again.


P.S. I’m trying to hold myself back from bashing my head into my keyboard out of frustration!